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Sep 25, 2012 9:00am EDT
during leeitimate rapes. mitt romney said akin should bow out and v-p candidate paul ryan, called akin perronalll to suggest he step aside. akin says hh intends to stay in the game. 3&world leaders are coming together today in new york city for the united nations general aasembly.middle east violence, famine, and global warming are expecteddto be hot's highly and prrsident barack obama.on, this will be the president's consumer repprts is out wwth a list... of the country's best the list is "kaiser"....which aaso ranked best in the medicine ategory.another high- ranked plan is the non-profitt harvard piigrim health care's h-m-o.opee enrollment for private ppans is coming up in october and november.and for &pmedicare reeipients... you have rom octtber 15th uutil deeember 7th. outtage is growing over a rummred facebook bug... that's exposing some users' privatee messages to thh public. reported messages showing up on their timelinee.facebook saas there was no malfunction &pinstead... the messagee in question were actually old wall posts from before the facebook "timeline""i
Sep 27, 2012 9:00am EDT
the game chaotic..."rex ryan / ny jets headcoach"...all ww do is get our team ready to pla job of any head ccach..." offiiials beeinning in 2013. 3 carroll county takes its first steps towarrs makinggenglish its official language today. &ptoday..carrrll couuty &pccmmissioner haven shoemaker commissioners to introduce the proposal later today.under the ppan.. official actions of the county would be ritten and county employees and elected officials could still communicate in any language for unofficial business. &pshoemaker says it will save the county ii the futureewhen it comes tt ppinting costs. &p"we're asking people when communicating ith county governmentt do it in nglish, if thee want at it, &pif it passes... carroll county will join &pfrederick and queen anne's counties. &pif you're hoping to pick up a rrtail joo during the busy starr s now. pour major rettilers are leeding oliday hirinn this r us plans to hire 45- thousand holidayyworkers. that's 5- thousand more than last year.kohls is hiring 52- thousand ... up 11 percent. walmart is hiring 50-thousand targee... is
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2